Omnipresent picture culture and all the surroundings closed in rectangular shape – the frame. When I reached for the camera for the first time, I made a choice and this choice continues to be important for me today: I want to be a participant of this sophisticated show – to experience, to feel, to undergo, to capture, not merely to be an observer – to be creator, not a viewer.

All this made me see the image differently – more actively, plastically, physically. Images for me have sound, temperature end emotions, their own order and harmony and most of all endless amounts of pure beauty.  I’m trying to percive everything what only waits to be seen and captured.

Taking pictures allows me to explore the world, space and rediscover people. I am not looking for a exalted decisive moment, but for the magical realism, beauty of a common moment.

My photography is a part of a humanism ideology, I show identity of people in  their lives, different ways they express themselves and items around them. In this puropose I use Light, by choosing and arranging it precisely. I’m sensitive for Light and I constantly discover a new manifestation of it.  Equally important for me is the Color and intelligent creation of it, with intuitive feeling and technical craft. Light and Color, which both create a harmony of the picture, are for me the language of composition.


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